Change a Life Campaign

The East Jerusalem YMCA Vocational Training Center (VTC) was established in 1948 in Aqbat-Jaber Refugee Camp, Jericho, Palestine. It is a vibrant and integral part of the Palestinian social movement and works with all sectors of Palestinian society without discrimination. As a member of the World Alliance of YMCAs, the EJ-YMCA is committed to a unique vision of community, based on the universal values of human dignity, peace, and justice. Today, The East Jerusalem YMCA operates a variety of diversified programs and activities that are consistent with its vision of Holistic Youth Development and related directly to the needs of Palestinian society.

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The EJ-YMCA’s vision for Holistic Youth Development is based on a preferential option for the poor, the weak, and the marginalized with a commitment to human, social and national rights. The VTC responds directly to the needs of the local labor market as well as the needs of the socio-political situation in Palestine. The VTC highly supports youth post-graduate job-acquisition through its maintenance service center, which is committed to employing graduates through a technological application.

The EJ-YMCA VTC gives youth the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and market needs, and forward high-quality teaching through comprehensive and continuous teacher training and curricula development. This will lead graduates to be financially secure and independent, with active participation in the society. The demand-driven, high quality vocational training at the VTC, contributes to a knowledgeable, competent, motivated, entrepreneurial, adaptable, creative and innovative workforce in Palestine, contributing to poverty reduction, social and economic development. This complies with Sustainable Development Goals and the VTC’s mission in securing a better future considering the challenges youth at-risk face within the Palestinian society. These risks include: unemployment, political insecurities, high-rate of school dropout, domestic violence, lack of income generating opportunities for women and youth.

The VTC provides vocational training for over 140 young men and women every year from all over the West Bank. ‘Change a Life Campaign’ enables sponsors be part of YMCA’s mission by funding the education of these at-risk youth in order to transform them into skilled, active and independent citizens. The campaign will connect sponsors with students and graduates through a platform that enables sponsors to track the students’ achievements, and see their role in ‘CHANGING their LIFE’.

Islam Nassar

Islam Nasar, Al-A'uja , Jericho

Islam lives in a family consist of 10 members. She got a job after two months of training in graphic design. She took enough courses in photography and film production until she was employed at Rehan FM since 2017.

Hilal Odeh

Hilal Odeh, Nablus

Hilal works with the Palestinian Preventive Security (PPS) in the maintenance unit. He could also establish his own business in cooling systems.

Azhar Shalalfa

Azhar Shalalfa, Jeftlik, Jericho

Azhar has not finished her high school education because she needed to work and help her needy family.  After her vocational training education, she got an internship at Al-Istiqlal University. Then she was hired there with an enough salary to support herself and her family.

Saadi Al-Taradeh

Sa'adi Al-Taradeh, Hebron

Sa’adi was able to get a funding opportunity for a small business after graduation. He works at his own start-up business and supports his family as well.

In a very short period, I managed to get a good job and start an independent business.

I knew I wasn't into University education, therefore, I studied general maintenance at The EJ-YMCA VTC. The various skills I got, enabled me to start my own business and lead multiple projects with a very good income.”

I got an education and meaningful employment in a very short time. I have developed my character, helped my family, and made a lot of achievements at the personal and professional level.

This is my third year in work after my graduation from the EJ-YMCA VTC. I was able to finish high school, and start university studies in business administration. I have achieved everything I wanted. I have an independent job, improved my family's economic situation and gained independence in all aspects of life. I am proud graduate of The EJ-YMCA VTC.

Change a Life Campaign

Over the last few years, the support provided by the EJ-YMCA VTC Palestine helped to change the lives of many young men, women and their families. You can give the Young an opportunity to Change their LIVES with sponsoring to their vocational studies.

Join us to play a key role in helping the most needy young males and females in Palestine.. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for them.. Let’s be the shining candle in their dark lives.. Any amount is appreciated and could help “to change a life”!

$ 2000
  • Can partially support a Young student to enroll the vocational training center at YMCA-VTC.
$ 1000
  • Can partially support a Young student to stay in the boarding section at the YMCA/VTC.
$ 200
  • Can partially support a Young student to purchase the Training Materials for his/her vocational training.
$ 100
  • Can partially support a Young student to purchase the required tools for his/her vocational training.
$ 30
  • Can partially support a Young student to get his/her school curricula and the required stationery to study.

Please contact us for more details, and join our interactive platform to keep you updated with news about sponsored students and graduates.

Beneficiary Name: The East Jerusalem YMCA
Bank Name: Arab Bank No. 49
Branch: Jericho Branch No. 879
Account in USD
9550-361510-510 USD
IBAN # PS52 ARAB 00000000 9550361510510
Swift ARABPS22550