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Night Owl X app Archives

Night Owl X app Archives

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Night Owl X gives you peace of mind no matter where you are! With the ability to view your Night Owl security system in real-time, you’ll be able to monitor your home or business anytime, anywhere—all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Night Owl X features:

• Quick and easy mobile setup with Smart Auto Detection or Owl Scan™
• Live video and audio from your DVR/NVR security system on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G LTE networks
• Easily configure push alerts individually for each channel from your Smart Device
• Customize channel names without having to access the DVR/NVR manually
• Save images directly to your Smart Device and share via text, email or social media
• Now share important MP4 formatted videos via email or social media
• Enhanced stability for better app connectivity and push alert retrieval
• Multi-channel live feeds (4/8/16 channels)
• Video playback of ANY recorded video stored on your DVR/NVR
• Multiple DVR/NVR system log-on (up to 100 devices)
• Create custom views and save as favorites (iPad only)

Night Owl is a leader in security cameras and recording systems for both businesses and homeowners. We are committed to keeping an eye on the things you care about most. Our security products are designed and engineered for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. All of our security camera systems and products are in use by customers around the world including homeowners, retailers, dealers, distributors, integrators, federal and municipal organizations and both medium and small businesses.

Visit us at for more information on our products and services!

Night Owl X is ONLY compatible with the following Night Owl security systems:

• WNVR Series
• XHD Series
• THD Series
• H2THD Series (Hybrid)

If you have any questions regarding compatibility, please refer to

WARNING: This application uses data to connect your security system to your mobile device. When connected to a 3G or 4G LTE network, the live video feed from your DVR/NVR will be considered streaming data by your phone service provider and will contribute to any data or download limit your phone data plan may have. If you exceed your data plan limit, this may result in additional usage charges. It is highly recommended to contact your phone service provider to know the limits of your data plan before using this video streaming application.

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Night Owl X app Archives

Archive of Our Own beta

Chapter Text





"H o w   d i d   m y   l i f e   g e t   t o   t h i s   p o i n t?"


" S o m e b o d y "


"A n y b o d y - - -& * 3 - "


" $ ! - ) P l – 3 * a s - % *   c o – e  - - @ n d"


" ^ % ! – 0 ) S   A   -  E    *! – ( 8 - $ @ M # (^$ #  E !!!"




*T H U D*






"  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "












My name is Mina Choi.


MC for short.


I am a 21 years old girl from Daegu Town (20 internationally) where I had lived the last of my teenage years in relative peace alongside my mother, my stepfather and our family's bundle of joy Mirae whom had recently celebrated her 4th birthday this past autumn (3rd internationally).

Our house is part of a remote neighborhood of 2-storey dwellings located on the outskirts of the city, with its own small flower garden in the back surrounding a young cherry tree planted right in the middle of it. Over the years our garden had brightened up with many potted plants tucked around the high-fenced areas, their blossoms sending off a lovely scented aroma that would last throughout the spring season. We would share our meals outdoors whenever possible and sometimes we would arrange picnic outings, mom placing down blankets on the lush green grass and a food basket. We did not have lots of opportunities to go out in full formation due to everybody's conflicting schedules so we settled for the next best thing. Regardless, I really loved the vibe of that household, its warmth present even during the harshest of winter colds when the garden would morph into a 'museum' of ice and snow figurines.

As such, a strong feeling of 'home'was subconsciously embedded into me and I had never truly appreciated that feeling until I could no longer be in its comforting presence.

You see...

Life had drastically changed after turning 19 and, back then, I thought the future ahead of me would be everything I could have ever wished for!

I had been successfully admitted into the prestigious SKY University at their Arts and Computer Graphics department, scoring a little shy over the entrance limit. However, that uni was in the heart of Seoul which meant that I had to leave my precious family behind and be on my own footing for a while.

I had to take the first steps into becoming an actual responsible and independent adult.

Starting a new solo adventure~!

And I felt incredibly happy for I could not let this unique opportunity go to waste! After all, I was blessed with being able to follow my artistic callings without major repercussions or setbacks other than the occasional sure-you-don't-want-to-do-xyz-instead discussions. And while I did understand my folks' concerns and somewhat agreed with their common views on the fragility of such a risky career path, I couldn't be deterred from pursuing an artistic field.

Mom wouldn't stop me either as it was a futile battle to do so.

Art to me wasn't and isn't an activity I scarcely tip-toe around with so the minutes could pass by quicker or until there's better entertainment to replace it with.

It is as vital to me as breathing is for any living creature roaming on this earth and being deprived of it would be akin to being trapped in a permanent chokehold - I'd eventually suffocate, wither away until an empty shell would remain in its wake.  

While growing up, art has remained a constant companion and would help me find a stable 'voice' to my pulsating heart and to those whirlwind of thoughts which would otherwise remain sizzling in the back of my head and severely overwhelm me if left unchecked. I needed to feel the touch of a pen/ a paintbrush/ anything really, stroking images and stories onto the canvases found at my disposal. I'd blissfully lose myself for hours and hours, creating and recreating worlds or characters inspired by my ever-shifting surroundings and various travelling or by the many stories I'd discover in books or movies.

This process was also very therapeutic for me.

Quite often creating an artwork would chase away the darker thoughts I'd be succumbed into and, from time to time, it would help me forget, albeit temporarily, about the loneliness of my existence. I'd manage to forget how much I'd long for somebody, one whose connections hadn't been mandated through blood relations or through purely academic reasons.  

I love my family.

My mom the most.


No matter how close we were, there were some things I didn't want to burden her with, especially after her coming back from work late in the night. I would have loved having another ear to listen to me, to my thoughts and issues.


We'd live longer in a certain areas and I would finally meet up properly with the local children and we'd clumsily play together and enjoy ourselves.


I could tell we would never be more than acquaintances.

There was always something lacking in our interactions to the point I've wondered if I were the one lacking traits to keep people around or interested in forging connections – others made friendships seem so effortlessly! Five minutes next to a stranger and one could continue conversations until dawn whilst I could extinguish even the most passionate of flames with a single sentence.

At least... that's how it felt.

I would have loved to experience a real friendship that wouldn't end due to the great impending distance that will be put in between us because of a change in my address or my clumsiness with the cultural barriers. I would have loved to have the ability to easily connect with a person and have a bond with them so strongly that it would rival those seen in countless movies, a friendship that will pass the test of time and would ignore the vastness of the oceans and continents.

A true lifelong friendship or –


Something more...




It truly was difficult making any long-lasting anythings as a kid due to the nature of my mother's work as we were often on the road. I've tried all sorts of things to keep my mind occupied during the lonely leisure hours – films and books were rarely helpful since many contained stories which furthered my hunger for companionship and I desperately ached for a good distraction. That is,    


Until I've discovered art ~! ^^


Although it did not do much in diminishing my loneliness, it did offer an outlet to spread my emotions on paper and set up goals for me to excitedly follow each day. And because of how quickly I'd go through sketchbooks, I actually ended up honing some pretty decent skills that weren't just for show.

I wasn't only making 'pretty colorful drawings'.

Eomma noticed this aspect too one night while the two of us were living abroad, way before Kim-appa came into the picture. After returning home late again from work, I was completely unresponsive to her greetings, too lost inside the world of my sketchbook and blasting out loud music in my headphones to hear her come in the room. That is when she became particularly curious about my scribbling, checking whatever she could put her paws onto that I'd failed to successfully hide from her out of embarrassment. I honestly expected a different reaction back then but eomma immediately took the role of my number one fan just like that *snaps fingers* and kept encouraging me!

She carried high hopes for me! ^^




Very high hopes.





I'm the type who does not want to disappoint those closest to me so every failure is another immovable stain on their trust that no amount of time could ever erase. I especially loathe the notion of ever disappointing eomma whom I consider my dearest person alive up to this day. And, for her, I'd do anything to maintain her happiness and good mood, no matter the cost of my well-being.

And no matter the lies.

I'd hide everything that would be upsetting and pretend the situation would be fine and dandy even though the opposite would in fact my reality.



Even when those issues could endanger my life and put an end to all of my dreams,

these lies would never stop.






"Here's your order, miss!"

Mina's body jerked at the sudden intrusion, her startled expression hidden by her fringe. The girl had been staring outside through the glazed window with a pair of vacant honey eyes, inspecting the dimly lit street while continuing to suffer from the aftereffects of the cold she'd endured for the past couple of hours. A beautiful and joyous waitress dressed in festive bright red attire had left the hot cup onto the table with a few packs of sugar lying beside it on a plate. "Please excuse me." Bowing, the woman parted ways towards the other customers who were settling nearby, overflowing with the same kindness and energy while taking their orders.

The overall mood at the shop was bright and cheery, the chatter of the patrons was never-ending and the workers were all in high spirits. Only one gloomy girl ruined this tableau as she sat alone on a wooden bar stool, accompanied by the small caffeine drink she shouldn't have bought so late into the night.


She didn't care, quickly indulging into the drink which was the final luxury Mina would and could ever afford this season for she dreaded the freezing hell that was going to mark


Her first homeless night in the big city.


"Really... How did it get to this point?", Mina whispered softly, her cheeks gradually reddening from the heat. Inspecting the contents of her wallet, she had spare change to rent a cheap cubicle for maybe a couple of days or - heavens willing – a week if she spread out her meals further apart than they already were.

One rice ball per day was indeed filling~! *stomach grumbling*

Furthermore, she could maybe try saving up actual money if she'd start using her workplace as a temporary guest room! There were loads of unused floor space and one spot right next to the juice bar seemed incredibly tempting and comfy~! Mina just had to make sure that no one would question the oddity of her being the first present there every morning or the last one to lock the cafe every evening, whether it was her designated shift or not.


*slurps coffee*

"What a terrible plan...", she whined sourly but then she spotted movement right outside the cafe. Her breathing caught in her throat as she tensed up, gold orbs vigilantly scanning the people coming inside.


She closed her eyes frustratingly and then leaned against her seat, brushing a hand over the back of her damp neck. *hitched breathing intensifies* Outdoors, nothing in particular stood out – there were no suspicious shadows like the one who had been tailing her since getting off the subway station and whom she hoped would no longer be in the vicinity. She made sure to take enough twists and turns on the streets.

After all,

Mina's dreadful neighbor was on a wild goose chase after the news of her untimely departure from the apartment compound had reached his ears. Mina had tried avoiding any unnecessary commotion and remain stealthy with her current situation – being kicked out and all – however, she had failed during the loud process with the apartment owner.

That rowdy neighbor would always be bugging the girl when she would be too slow to avoid him down the corridor, questioning the girl about whatever things she had done that day, who'd she meet, where did she meet them, if she was going to meet them again later on and if there were any guys she was interested within the newcomers.

Because she should stay away from those dangerous men!

Except for harmless him ~ ^.~!


The man would be borderline stalking Mina without shame or regards to her wellbeing or feelings, even following the girl towards her latest bread winner and causing her additional stress. It had already passed the 2nd week of scandals erupting at her work place because of his constant disturbances and dramatic advances to the point the cafe's regular patrons nearly vanished towards quieter venues due to these shameless "romantic" displays. Heck, the police were brought in by the manager one afternoon in order to intervene when the man's antics got out of control.

But the guy disappeared at the sight of the blue uniforms so in the end nothing got solved.

Unfortunately, law enforcements did not take such couple squabbles with upmost seriousness while her boss was fuming mad at these repeated incidents, not being supportive one second in regards to her plight. The cops shared the same sentiment as her boss, scolding Mina for endangering the other workers' livelihoods because of her private affairs which she obviously neglected to solve efficiently.

She must relish from all the attention she was receiving a poor sign of morals and character.

Mina's features paled. "No! You've got it wrong –"

But her coworkers were so neck deep in frustration due to Mina's innocent princess-like attitude and victimizing self whenever she tried to combat these facts. They'd shunned the girl immediately in hopes that the manager would take a hint and do what was just – getting rid of this nuisance before their reputation was ruined beyond repair and their livelihoods permanently endangered.


"How are you going to pay for these business damages, huh?!"

"You think we're playing games here or does money grow on trees?!"

"Deal with your private affairs quickly or else we will be forced to take drastic measures!"

"You're like a curse on us!"


Despite the hot liquid flooding throughout her body, Mina's exhaustion had caught up to her. She was feeling terribly beat down and overwhelmed by these past events. The girl could not really relax. She could not enjoy this slight moment of respite. And, actually, she became more and more restless after finishing up her cup. "Ngh...", she bit her bottom lip harshly and closed her eyes unable to fully stop the tears from escaping her eyes, harshly tapping her head a few times with her bare hands as punishment for the miserable state she was in.

Her head was close to bursting from the pain as well.

'Instead of coffee, maybe I should have ordered some soju.'

'I could really use a break and forget everything...'


'Gods of the heavens!!!

"I could use some guidance!'


"Please, somebody help me...", Mina strongly prayed before a familiar ringing tune caught her attention which sunk her heart further out of guilt.





"Hey-Hey~! (E)", Mina reacted with an involuntary chuckle, struggling to keep a normal front and not hint away at her troubled predicament. The girl pretended to be neck-deep busy in work, currently stuck in a late workshop at uni as she was doing some last minute revisions and touch-ups for an assignment.

"Mina honey~~~!!! I'm so happy!!! It's so good that I get to hear from you again! *multiple kiss sounds*", the woman on the phone chirped too happily at this rare event. "It's rea- It's really good to hear you-you too~!", she tried controlling the pooling emotions in her breaking voice but was not very successful.


"You don't write to us. You barely call home anymore."

"Do you remember you have a family outside Seoul?" – but the girl's mask was cracking too fast. Only a fool wouldn't notice anything wrong so the girl blamed the awkwardness of the sounds she was making on a cold she was experiencing and all the work piling up when her mother spoke her concerns. "My love... Please take care of your health properly!!!"

"Do you want me to worry?!"

"Ah, no, please don't worry –"

"Are you even eating well?"

"Ah... Well –"


"Haven't I taught you better?! No wonder you are like this... can you even tell what month has arrived now? The weather has turned very cold, very fast, did you not notice? I want you to take better care of yourself before your illness worsens!"


"Get something filling to eat and go home this instant!!!"

"Your projects can wait for the morning to finish. Promise eomma this, ok?!"


"Your health is more valuable than an assignment!"


"Mhm.", Mina murmured as she tried to regain her composure, wiping her drenched face with the back of her hand and turning to twirl the necklace she had brought from back home. The call must have lasted for over 15-20 minutes, the girl receiving a large update from home. Everyone was doing fine and dandy, even her sister who – as Mina observed – had morphed into a full-fledged banshee inside the living area. Tonight, it was poor Kim-appa's turn to overlook Mirae's activities while eomma busied herself with the last bit of the housework she'd put aside over this past week.

"How are you really doing, Mina?"

"Any other troubles there?"

"I can't help but worry about you!"

"Do you need one of us to come to Seoul? I suppose I can manage to squeeze a few days off from work---", the woman tried to change the subject from their family routine to her life in the big city. But she didn't get a lot of new information from the youth, only the usual resistance to such proposals. "No, no, no, do not come here!!! Everything is A-Okay~! Ha, ha~!!! (E)!", Mina inserted English words like she would always do when feeling overly excited.

Or acting suspiciously panicked. "It's just an average cold and I am already taking medicine for it *sniff* and drinking lots of hot broths *sniff* so, it's fine~!"

"I'm fine."

"I don't need babysitting anymore – unlike someone who's crying over there, ha ha ha ~!!!"

"My love..."

Mina cleared her throat again and spoke more confidently – everything was going well in her life~!

"Picture perfect well, could not be any sweeter!"

"Oh my... That sounds too wonderful to be true!" (E)

"Ahem –"

", Mina. If you're saying it this cheerfully – OH!!!"



"What?!" (E)

"I can't believe it!!!!!" (E)

"What?!! What is it you cannot believe?!!" (E)

"How could you hide this from your own mother?!" (E)

Mina was sweating profoundly. "I..."



"Is there a boy that I should know about since your life is this picture perfect?"(E)



(º □ º l|l)/


"Why are you making me depressed this early in the night?", Mina whined as she narrowed down her eyes, the subject touching painful nerves. Despite this, the woman held no restraint and continued the lecture. "Mina, dear~! I only want what is best for you and I always shall."

"Be more aware of your age, love."

"You're not getting any younger!"

"Or prettier." (E)

"WO~~~~~W! (E)", what a backhanded response. "I am young and pretty... enough!", she retorted upset and added. "Besides, my art is the only lover I desire at the moment. It is irreplaceable and nothing else in life can compare to its greatness!"

"Mina...", the woman berated the girl for her hollow answer, inflicting extra burdens on the poor girl's shoulders. And if this wasn't bad enough, her mother vigorously began a long presentation of the free eligible bachelors she had been recently acquainted with at her workplace and whom she definitely approved of as future son-in-laws should she choose to pursue relationships.

"Mom!" (E), Mina's blood was running cold but she was complaining to deaf ears.

A few of those men were in her age range, too~! Some might even transfer to their Seoul branch this spring. "Oh, I'll send you their contacts right away so you can get to know them better before they transfer to Seoul!"

"Ah... N-No need, no need, no need~!!! Trust me."

"No need!!!"(E), she retorted with big eyes and nervously chuckled, her headache intensifying while she was rubbing her forehead. "One of the manager's sons is incredibly handsome! A very intelligent, good natured young man, his family had raised him very respectfully~! The boy also seemed a bit curious about you too, Mina. He was intrigued by your photos and your college entrance portfolios at SKY. You've made quite a lasting impression on him~!"

"Oh god..." (E) @-@

"Please, my love. Just consider it, okay? His number is-"

"Oh myyy~!!! It's getting so, so, so late~~~!!!(E)"

"So much to draw and so little time~!!!"

"Speaking of your portfolios, love - when will you share with us those lovely new paintings you've been working on for your studies, like you've been promising us for so long?"


"Oh my gosh! Look at the clock~!" (E)

"I have to go!" (E)


"It's super late now! Work never stops in our field~!!!!!!(E)", she giggled nervously while the other woman gave an irritated sigh.  

"Mina! I am not done with this subject and I do expect an update soon - " (E)

"Love you and the others plenty of kisses back~!!! MUAH! (E)"


*dialing tone*



Their whole exchange had been draining.

The girl did not know how much longer she would be able to keep fooling her mother around like this before all those lies she'd crafted would come crushing down hard. A monstrous mountain was already towering dangerously over her body and Mina knew well how a scarce few moves were left before this mountain would collapse in its entirety.

Mina hadn't attended university in over a year.

And she hadn't created anything substantial in that time frame as well, the girl far too emotionally crippled from the many challenges and obstacles slamming their way across her path from day 1 in Seoul to even lift up an arm at night. Not to mention her dominant wrist was not in its best condition and the pain would spike in certain angles. Considering the initial surgery she had back in high school and the subsequent injury from the beginning of uni, she should count her blessings that she could still make use of the hand at all.


But for how long...







This didn't feel real anymore.

Her life, that is.

Everything became far too twisted in it to be real.

For sure it was,

But a dream.

A really, really nasty dream,

From which she could not wake up.




"No... it's passed even being a nightmare at this stage."(E), Mina frowned at the list of her heart's contenders which had been diligently put together by her mother in folders. She'd created documents for every available young man that she had approved for her daughter and did not forget to finish the e-mail with plenty of love, encouragements and kisses.

And a disturbing amount of winks than Mina could handle without internally dying.

A faint smile crept across her face, yet the girl shook her head at her mother's ludicrous actions for interacting with strangers was not Mina's forte. Blind dates were also a terrible, terriblenotion for the girl to actively pursue. Thus, Mina quickly dismissed those contacts without a second glance, all the while feeling quite apologetic for throwing her mother's care out the window. She was simply not interested in overcomplicating her messy life with a failed romance prospect too – "Excuse me, miss!"


A random staff member suddenly came up to Mina and kindly asked the brown haired girl to leave the premise for they will be closing shop soon. "Oh.", the girl nodded as she swiftly got handed the bill. As she was finishing up the transaction, Mina checked out the other customers who were still leisurely sitting at their tables.


"If you can hurry, please.", the employee added a bit more impatiently but tried retaining his polite smile and calm.

*heart stab*

Mina half-smiled and lightly bowed in return, proceeding to do as per that staff member's request while showing an unaffected expression of the cruel reality unfolding – she was promptly being led outside with her luggage behind. 'Heh... kicked as a worker from coffee shops, then as a plain ole' customer.', she sourly thought while stepping out in the shivering cold as the door shut tightly behind her, the staff member still lingering next to the door in case she'd unexpectedly return.

But Mina looked away and eventually disappeared from the area, walking down an aimless path and not knowing where her stop would be.





This never-ending nightmare of Mina kept transcending into the world of the living and had engulfed every rule book of the natural law, turning the impossible into a clusterfuck of insane 'possibles'. She must have caught the worst case of Murphy's Law flu after moving into Seoul for it hadn't healed up after years of her living in this city. There was literally no other logical explanation she could come up with which could give her a clear answer as to how on earth she'd so easily lost control of the reigns of her life. In a mere year and a half away from Daegu, Mina felt that she had crushed almost 15 years of hard work into a bloody pulp and was inches to shredding her future irreparably.

This change had been too swift and highly unnatural.

Mina's tears had even dried up from the chilling winds blowing harshly through her hair and face, the girl feeling so devoid of vitality and defeated that the cold did not appear so bothersome. Frankly, Mina's safety was no longer a concern for her. Moreover, she partly enjoyed this bone shivering cold biting into her reddening skin.

It meant she was still alive and kicking, though god only knew the numerous temptations at her side.   

A soft humming came from her frail figure, Mina trudging through desolated streets with the heavy luggage as her sole companion for tonight. Her head was held up high, the girl gazing towards the starless night sky above. Only the moon was shining brightly alongside this inky fabric of space, a final beacon of hope for Mina to rely on. She eventually haltered her pacing and stopped entirely atop a bridge crossing a busy highway. 'Please... help me set my life back to happier days.', she mouthed silently, wishing this with all her might before her eyes dropped down towards the rushing cars.

"I'll do anything... to make this pain go away.", she added, keeping her eyes hidden behind her fringe as she walked closer to the railing, gripping its iron bars tightly.






"A n y t h i n g?"






The girl had been so focused on these dark thoughts that she had become recklessly unaware of her surroundings until a mysterious hooded figure had roughly bumped into her side, nearly throwing Mina onto the hard pavement. It was like freezing water had been poured all over her body, waking the girl up from her daze.

"Ah, sorry –", she cried out an apology by instinct but to her shock - no one was there with her on the road. If it weren't for her aching side, the girl would have believed it to be her tired mind playing tricks on her again.




Dismissing the incident, Mina searched for the phone tucked inside her pocket and noticed its screen lit up. Strange.She had powered the device off after that conversation with her mother to preserve its battery. The girl narrowed down her eyes and then noticed a string of black and golden characters twirling across her screen.


Looking into the app's plain description, it appeared to be some sort of messaging program that was awaiting to be downloaded. It was alerting her to do so quite insistently too. "Mystic Messenger, ey?", she thumbed the info box, not really picking up anything relevant from its description.

"Quite the secretive one, are we?"

It was located in the main AppPlay Store so it wasn't a fake script she should worry about or a virus.


Still, it was a peculiar event and Mina wasn't sure what steps to take next for its spamming was beginning to cause her unwanted stress.



Mina raised her head towards the night sky, pondering over her desperate wish from before. "Could it be...?", she wondered out loud and curiously switched back to her phone screen once more, pausing for a couple of seconds before making her decision.










"% &...Hello...#-_)  Can you see this @-#)?"






At the time, Mina was unable to comprehend the gravity of such a simple choice and how meeting 'Unknown' had set her up onto a path of no return. Whether or not at the end of this path she would find her true happiness or final demise, this had yet to be seen. 

For reasons only her exhausted brain could comprehend, Mina went along this stranger's odd pleas and instructions in helping a poor fellow retrieve their lost phone. The girl had lots of questions and had her doubts, but Unknown made compelling arguments and finally convinced Mina to offer her assistance.

In the end,

She had reached a high-end building and despite her better judgment was now standing on the 14th floor in front of a password protected bunker-like contraption, ready to open said door in ways that felt too dodgy to be legal.

And never once did she do the right thing and make a swift turn back!

Inhaling and exhaling deeply, Mina pressed onto the door's handle and entered into this foreign apartment.


"Hello...?", she called out softly in a voice barely above a whisper as she was hesitantly taking steps into utter darkness. She was expecting an immediate and angry reaction from the tenants living there.

Or worse to be fair.


The lights had been set off without her doing a thing to provoke them. "I-I'm s-s-sorry!!!", Mina furiously bowed down repeatedly and was shivering in the process, more so from a creeping terror than the freezing cold. However, as she explored the place with her gaze, she had fearfully realized that the flat was empty. "A-Anyone? H-Hello!!!", she yelled louder, taking off her hood and letting short brown locks fall down. With her left hand she tried tidying her messy bangs into place, continuing to explore the apartment timidly.

The girl did not bother to take her shoes off at the entrance, her wet and dirty boots making noise on the squeaky wooden floors – very ill-mannered if anyone were there to see her. To be fair, she really did not want to stay a second longer than required in a stranger's apartment, ready to run at the first sign of danger –




Right after she stepped into the main living area where an office/bedroom layout was presented in front of her, that's when her phone started reacting wildly, the buzzing never ceasing in intensity. Mina checked the app again, adrenaline rushing through her veins. More names and messages were painting her chat window in a pattern she had problems following due to how active it was. The girl was livid of the entire situation until she'd read MC...


They said 'MC'!!!

"Eh?!", she was confused. H-How did they realize she was there... and... in this apartment.


"Reveal yourself intruder or we're going to send in security.

And then have you 'disappear' from this earth.

Forever, mwhahahaha~!"









The entrance door had been sealed shut and no amount of force could budge it open.

'What's going on?!! R.F.A – Who are these people?!!' (E)


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