PpWinZip 8. 0's Wizard interface was extended to allow users to create and update Zip files from the Wizard, ability to extract and install from MIME and other encoded files, automatic installation of desktop themes and screensavers; addition of Explorer context menu when opening files within archives, inclusion of subfolders when adding or updating archives, "Explorer-style" toolbar buttons, displaying a tooltip when a Zip file is selected in Windows Explorer, WinZip context menus displays small icons that correspond to toolbar buttons in Windows 98 and Windows 2000; ability to install desktop themes and screensavers contained in Zip files; new 'Zip' and 'E-Mail' context menu commands, automatic display of Zip comments, context menu help in WinZip dialogs, viewing multiple files with one action.

Windows extensions are now 32-bit Explorer Shell extensions only.

, Multimedia

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comproductsindesigntdtrtbodytablepbAdobe InDesignb is a desktop publishing and typesetting software application produced by Adobe Systems.


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